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The menu will go live every Thursday. You have until Monday midday to place an order for collection on Wednesday. Only available time slots will appear. Click the items below to add them to your cart. Click the cart icon to checkout.

Accepting Orders

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Min. order - €15.00

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Pickup time: 17 Jul, 18:30 - 18:45

Pickup Address: 309 Imp. de la Charpentiere, 47120 Loubès-Bernac, France

Set Menu


Succulent chicken or tofu coated in a crispy golden shell and glazed in a perfectly balanced sauce, melding sweet and spicy notes with a secret mix of herbs and spices. Plus, a bag of complimentary prawn crackers.


Popo Pang Chicken

Image of Popo Pang Chicken



Bag of prawn crackers (two person serving)


Prawn Crackers

Image of Prawn Crackers


Spicy Caramel Bao Bun with Chicken or Jackfruit, Pickled Cucumber and Sesame Seeds .


Spicy Caramel Bao Bun

Image of Spicy Caramel Bao Bun



Refreshing lemon sorbet


Lemon Sorbet

Image of Lemon Sorbet


Delicious mango pudding topped with fresh diced mango.


Mango Pudding

Image of Mango Pudding

Chinese Supper Club

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